Training by MTJ Roundabout Academy

Accelerating knowledge and implementation of roundabouts



The MTJ Roundabout Academy is dedicated to providing knowledge for the advancement of well-designed modern roundabout applications to meet the challenging, and often competing, needs within our transportation systems.

The Academy provides the necessary Knowledge, Skills, Resources and Information to understand the essential requirements for successful roundabout applications.

Properly analyzed and designed roundabouts are a proven safety countermeasure, congestion relief improvement, and offer traffic planning solutions where none exist with conventional signal improvements.

The Academy can teach you how to properly analyze, design and apply modern roundabouts to achieve solutions and optimal safety for all users.

Training Expertise

Mark Johnson, PE, is MTJ Roundabout Academy’s Principal Instructor.  Mark has extensive experience providing training in roundabout design and implementation. When designing roundabouts, challenges include balancing overall operations and safety with business circulation and access needs, adjacent land-use, livability, and pedestrian safety objectives.

The MTJ Academy’s design courses teach participants how roundabouts assist in meeting these challenging, and often competing, needs within our built environment. The courses provide the design professional with the necessary knowledge, skills, and information to be able to adequately understand the design requirements and implications of roundabout applications.


After MTJ Academy Training, You’ll Be Able to:
1. Understand the benefits of roundabouts in the overall roadway/traffic planning process
2. Perform an operational/traffic analysis to determine necessary laneage and allow for selection of safe geometrics
3. Understand the correlation between operational analysis and geometric design
4. Determine how to avoid the mistakes of poorly planned, designed and/or constructed roundabouts


Roundabout Design Courses Customized to Your Needs: 

1, 2 or 3-day Workshops
We can customize training to suit your team’s needs. 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day training workshops are available.
Training workshop topics include:
• Roadway planning benefits of roundabouts
• Pedestrian/bike design treatments
• Access management with roundabouts
• Geometric design – capacity, safety, operations
• Signing, pavement markings, landscaping
• Public involvement – informed consent
• Case studies – best practices

Recent Roundabout Design Training Instruction by Mark Johnson:
  • Co-Instructor with FHWA in Every Day Counts 2 program: trained Florida DOT and Arkansas DOT in roundabout design and implementation
  • Roundabout Design Training Instructor for C-TEP and EPIC Education in Toronto, ON, Edmonton, AB, Calgary, AB, and Ottawa, ON
  • Roundabout Design Course Instructor, University of Wisconsin Civil and Environmental Engineering – Professional Development
  • Multiple roundabout design and implementation training webinars for ITE and TRB


Public Outreach Presentation Courses Available

Mark Johnson has 20 years of experience communicating technical information about roundabouts in an easily understood manner that has proven effective for successful project implementation. Let MTJ train your team to prepare informative, effective presentations that address public concerns regarding implementing roundabouts.