Public Outreach and Roundabout Implementation: Overcoming Challenges

Often roundabouts produce challenges for implementation related to controversy caused by misconceptions, the inherent fear of the unknown, and other concerns regarding what effects they may have on business and economic growth. These issues can come from agencies, stakeholders, elected officials, the business community, decision makers, or the general public. MTJ offers experienced public outreach services for the implementation of challenging roundabout projects, leading to positive outcomes with stakeholders, the public, and elected officials.

MTJ’s Expertise

MTJ Roundabout Engineering’s Mark Johnson has 20 years of experience communicating technical information about roundabouts in an easily understood manner that has proven very effective for successful project implementation. Mark Johnson’s presentation materials and lead-and-discover style provide an understanding of roundabouts in a manner that reduces fear of the unknown, diffuses controversy, and lowers political tension.

Below is an example of a Work Study Session with the Town of Estes Park, CO, during which Mark Johnson presented explanatory materials about modern roundabouts.
Mark’s presentation was specifically developed to inform the public and ease concerns about implementing roundabouts in their community.

Full Presentation:


Part 1. Development of Modern Roundabout:


Part 2. Safety:


Part 3. Emergency Response, Freight, Trucks:


Part 4. Pedestrians / Bike / ADA:


Part 5. Roadway Planning Opportunities and Benefits:


Part 6. Public Involvement:


Feedback after the Work Study Session presentation:

“Mark’s presentation was one of the best I’ve seen.”
—Randy Hunt, Community Development Director, Town of Estes Park

“The mayor shared that a resident softened his opposition to the project after listening to Mark’s presentation. Mayor [Todd Jirsa] sends his compliments to Mark for an effective presentation.”
—Greg Muhonen, Public Works Director, Town of Estes Park


Featured below are two MTJ public events – a workshop and design charrette that included an afternoon of site visits in the Burlington, Vermont community; and a keynote presentation at the 2015 Region Transportation Summit in Toledo, Ohio.

Effective One-Day Workshop in Vermont

Mark Johnson at Vermont WorkshopThe one-day workshop, titled “Embrace the Roundabout,” was held March 31st at the University of Vermont in Burlington. The event drew decision makers from city government, engineers, and interested citizens. Mark Johnson led a tour of local intersections and discussed opportunities and challenges of roundabouts in those locations. Read in-depth coverage of this successful workshop by the reporter who attended the workshop here. This MTJ roundabout workshop was “so well received by the community” that the City of Burlington is taking the “next steps” and is beginning a planning process for several of its intersections.


Presentation at the Transportation Summit in Toledo

MTJ-Presenting2Mark Johnson was the keynote speaker at the 2015 Region Transportation Summit, hosted by the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments on March 20th. Mark’s presentation provided a comprehensive look at roundabouts – where they work, how they work, and how to build public support for them. The annual Region Transportation Summit provides a forum for discussing the transportation needs of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan region.