In-Service/Post-Construction Reviews

We have found that the designs of problematic roundabouts with excessive crashes often have less than optimal geometrics and confusing signing and/or pavement markings that lead to information processing challenges for drivers.  MTJ’s review approach ensures that all design elements successfully work together as a unified whole to maximize driver comprehension and reduce confusion to mitigate crashes.

MTJ conducts post-construction/in-service inspections/safety audits to recommend and implement modifications to improve safety and operations.  When providing In-Service Design Reviews, MTJ applies a comprehensive approach to identifying remedial enhancements to improve the safety and operational performance through increased driver comprehension, slower speed environment, and fewer conflict points.

Our recommended design modifications are anchored in human factors research and roadway, traffic, and roundabout-specific safety design principles. This approach forms the foundation of MTJ’s successful track record of improving safety and operations at roundabouts.

Field Construction Reviews

MTJ can provide inspection and guidance to field personnel before and during construction to ensure adherence to design plans, and recommend modifications as necessary.

In-Service Design Review projects include: