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Design/Peer Review

Unparalleled Experience

MTJ’s unparalleled roundabout design and review experience allows for the development of innovative designs that resolve key design issues relative to impacts and costs, while maximizing safety and operations.

The MTJ design/peer review approach utilizes the operational characteristics of roundabouts to maximize community benefits and minimize adverse impacts.

Our approach focuses on optimizing safety and operations for all modes while minimizing undesirable and/or detrimental community impacts to adjacent land-uses, ensuring highly successful projects.


MTJ’s innovative roundabout design and review approach is anchored in state-of-the-art roundabout design principles in concert with traffic planning and roadway/highway engineering criteria. MTJ is adept at identifying and resolving projects’ inherent competing objectives.

MTJ finds solutions and resolves issues that others with less experience often overlook. This innovative approach has a proven track record of providing successful solutions that achieve the goals and objectives of each project.

Multimodal Design

MTJ’s roundabout designs ensure optimal safety, ease of use, and comfort for all modes by highlighting:

  • Safety for pedestrians, bicycles, vehicular traffic
  • Incorporation of operational benefits into our traffic planning/design processes
  • Non-motorized safety enhancements
  • Accommodation of trucks, freight and transit vehicles

Geometric Design Optimization

The MTJ design/peer review approach ensures:

  • Adherence to roadway and roundabout design principles
  • State-of-the-practice roundabout design techniques
  • Safety: Ensure safety for all modes – pedestrians, bicycles, vehicles
  • Context: Apply appropriate traffic and roadway design principles (system considerations)
  • Apply FHWA Performance Checks (NCHRP Report 672, Roundabouts: An Informational Guide)
  • Accessibility for pedestrian crossings at multi-lane roundabouts: MTJ applies best practices to conform to PROWAG guidelines (Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines) as to accessibility of crossing multiple lanes at roundabouts, and NCHRP Report 834, Crossing Solutions at Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes for Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities.

Vertical Design & Construction Details

Roundabout vertical design construction materials are an integral part of roundabout design. Operational effectiveness of the roundabout and safety are impacted by these design elements.

MTJ reviews curb types, construction details, and material choices with respect to the roundabout to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the roundabout as a traffic control device.