Waldon Rd. & Clintonville Rd.

Independence Township, MI


MTJ Roundabout Engineering was retained to evaluate the feasibility of a roundabout at this highly constrained intersection.


Three alternatives were developed to evaluate optimal size/shape and fit with acceptable impacts.

Alternative concepts addressed these key issues:

  • Minimize/avoid undesirable ROW impacts to surrounding properties
  • Ensure compatibility with existing and/or proposed roadway cross sections, including ped and bike design features such as cycle track style buffered bike lane
  • Accommodate necessary design vehicles:
    • Large trucks/freight
    • Transit and school buses
    • Emergency response/fire trucks


  • Minimized undesirable ROW impacts to surrounding properties
  • Compatible with existing roadway cross sections, including ped/bike design features
  • Accommodated large trucks, transit/school buses, emergency response vehicles
  • Non-circular compact style roundabout

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