Via De Luna Dr. & Fort Pickens Rd. / Casino Beach Boardwalk

Pensacola Beach, FL

MTJ Roundabout Engineering reviewed two proposed roundabout designs located at Via De Luna Drive at Fort Pickens Road and Casino Beach Boardwalk in Pensacola Beach, FL.

In order to optimize safety and minimize impacts to adjacent properties, both existing and proposed, we recommended several significant design changes (see below). These changes were predicated on roadway and specific modern roundabout design principles and our experience in the application of these principles.

  • The Stage I design review identified horizontal geometric deficiencies within the proposed layout. The MTJ corrective horizontal geometric re-design optimizes the safety of these designs compositionally.
  • The MTJ corrective re-design also maintains similar or even reduced ROW impacts to the overall roundabout designs.
  • A mountable curbed lane divider was included for the northbound entry at Fort Pickens Road to achieve speed control to avoid impacts to ROW or nearby parking lots that would otherwise be required.


  • Major business district/tourism access
  • Constrained urban context
  • Pedestrian safety

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