U.S. Highway 6 at Arrowhead Resort

Edwards, CO


This roundabout will serve as the gateway/primary access to the Arrowhead Resort. A key project objective is to provide a safe crossing for the hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists per day that cross U.S. Hwy. 6 to access Arrowhead hiking and cycling trails.


Based on MTJ’s operational analysis findings, we developed a concept design with flared two-lane entries for U.S. Hwy. 6 to meet long-range operational objectives. This concept design was developed to allow for implementation as a single-lane interim design if desired. The design provides the necessary transitions required to address the existing upstream and downstream auxiliary lanes at the intersections of Miller Ranch Rd. (west) and McCoy Creek Dr. (east).

This interim/ultimate design was developed to facilitate ease of conversion from the interim/single-lane to the long-range/flared two-lane entry when necessary.


  • Interim/ultimate designs
  • Improved safety for all modes
  • Ped/bike regional trail accessibility
  • Optimized pedestrian safety
  • Large truck/freight accommodations

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