U.S. Hwy. 6 & Lake Creek Rd.

Edwards, CO


MTJ conducted a Phase I Rodel operational analysis, and developed the initial Concept Design, then Preliminary/Final Horizontal roundabout geometrics for the intersection of U.S. Highway 6 and Lake Creek Rd. in Edwards, CO.


Phase II Key Design Issues Successfully Addressed:

“Build” Condition –

  • Match the existing roadway cross section, including:
  • Lake Creek bridge to the west
  • Shared-use bike path along south side of US 6
  • Design bus stop locations on north and south side of
  • US 6 on west leg to accommodate future four-to-five-lane section; establish outside footprint

“Future” Condition –

  • Accommodate future five-lane cross-section plans for US 6.
  • Design transitions from build condition to future widening that minimizes re-construction, allowing for a seamless transition to the future cross-section.
  • Ensure grading and ROW impacts can be accounted for within project area.

Key to these recommendations was MTJ’s unparalleled roundabout analysis and design expertise that ensured accurate evaluation of feasible alternatives. This provided high levels of confidence in the resulting decisions.


  • Matched existing roadway cross-section
  • Interim/ultimate designs enable ease of future transition to 5-lane cross-section
  • Successfully accommodated shared-use path

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