Trunk Rd. / Parks Hwy. / Fireweed Rd.

Palmer, AK

MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided a preliminary roundabout design, capacity analysis, and peer review for this interchange ramp terminal as part of the Trunk Road Extension project.

The proposed 6-legged design accommodated the on/off ramp terminals, Trunk Road, and Fireweed Road into one roundabout. The design was produced to maximize the offset from the businesses located along the south leg of Trunk Road, and to provide the ability for a left-turn lane into the existing business.

MTJ’s design also accommodated a WB-67 design vehicle and optimized the placement and size within the existing context and constraints to provide an optimized geometric design. This design minimized impacts to surrounding land uses and existing roadway alignments.


  • Existing constrained interchange site
  • Minimized impacts to adjacent land uses
  • 6-legged roundabout
  • Designed to accommodate a WB-67 design vehicle

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