TH 169 & Valley View Rd.

Eden Prairie, Edina, Bloomington, MN


MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided final horizontal roundabout design services and alternative analysis to the MNDOT (as a sub-consultant) for this urban interchange corridor of four high-capacity roundabouts in series.


MTJ provided a 6-hour Design Summary Workshop for this complex series of 4 roundabouts. In the workshop MTJ’s Mark Johnson, PE, presented a summary of the operations and impact results from the comparison study and design of the roundabout and signalized alternatives.

This workshop was an excellent forum and method for the roadway jurisdictions and decision-makers, including MNDOT, FHWA and the Cities of Edina and Eden Prairie, to understand the study’s findings and results in great detail. This then allowed these agencies to make informed decisions regarding the preferred alternative.


  • Evaluated feasibility of 6-leg roundabout vs. two closely spaced roundabouts
  • Compact urban roundabout design
  • Large freight/truck accommodation
  • Series of 4 roundabouts
  • Provided 6-hour Design Summary Workshop

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