STH 15 / CTH CB &
W. Greenville Dr. (CTH GV) / CTH CB

Greenville, WI

MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided the roundabout analysis, final horizontal design, and peer review for these closely spaced roundabouts. They are located at the intersections of CTH CB and STH 15 (north) and CTH CB and W. Greenville Dr./CTH GV (south). Additionally, we provided the horizontal designs, vertical design recommendations, and signing and pavement markings. MTJ was contracted by WIDOT for the north roundabout and OTIE for the south roundabout.

MTJ’s design recommendations provided capacity for the interim to long-range. The north roundabout was built to the long-range design.

MTJ’s experience played a pivotal role in designing this roundabout solution that provided excellent level of service with safe and optimal business access and circulation for the adjacent businesses.


  • Large truck/freight accommodations
  • Business access and circulation
  • Closely spaced roundabouts
  • Interim-Ultimate designs (recommended)
  • Lane continuity

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