Award Winner

Best of State, Eng. Excellence Awards, Amer. Council of Eng. Companies (ACEC) of WI, 2011

Nat’l Recognition Award, Amer. Council of Eng. Companies, 2011

Excellence in Highway Design, Consultant Rural Design, WI DOT, 2011

State Highway 145 / USH 41 / USH 45

Richfield, WI

MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided peer review services which included:

  • Capacity analysis
  • Final horizontal design recommendations
  • QA/QC for signing, marking and vertical design components

for this complex system of five roundabouts.  The prime design firm RA Smith National.

The STH 145 project involved many challenging aspects that led to innovative design solutions. One such solution included the development of a unique design vehicle used to model a business owner’s 99-foot truck/trailer’s paths through the roundabouts.

STH 145 was the first roundabout project of its kind in the State of Wisconsin with five closely-spaced roundabouts constructed within a 0.6-mile corridor. This scenario required analyzing and designing the roundabouts as a system, not just individual roundabouts. This ensured correct lane assignments, efficient operations, and optimal safety facilitation throughout the roundabout corridor. The completed project received three engineering awards.

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