State Route 68 Corridor

Monterey, CA


State Route 68 is a designated scenic route that connects the Monterey Peninsula to US Hwy. 101 and the Salinas Valley, with traffic of 25,000 to 30,000 vehicles per day. SR 68 also aids freight and agricultural transport between the City of Salinas and River Road, and transport of goods and visitors to the Monterey Peninsula.


This TAMC/Caltrans project studied several corridor alternatives, including traditional widening with signalization and with roundabouts at key intersections. The alternatives analysis found that traditional road widening would cause major impacts and was cost prohibitive, while roundabouts at key intersections would be environmentally superior due to their ability to maintain the existing 2- and 3-lane cross-section.

MTJ provided roundabout design/peer review support that included:

  • Rodel operational analysis
  • Highly developed concept designs
  • Documentation of designs and modifications
  • Participation in two-day Knowledge Transfer workshop


  • Gateway to the greater Monterey Peninsula, including Carmel and Monterey
  • Maintains 2-lane roadway through environmentally sensitive areas
  • Minimizes impacts
  • Significant cost savings as compared to traditional signal widening
  • Substantial reduction of congestion

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