U.S. 18 & Blackwood Dr. / U.S. 18 & STH 83

Wales, Waukesha County, WI


In 2005 MTJ began working with the developer’s traffic consultant to find an acceptable access solution for the proposed commercial development at USH 18 and STH 83, which was a signalized intersection at the time.

Finding an acceptable solution proved problematic due to spacing requirements necessary to accommodate the queuing between the two signalized intersections.


MTJ developed a successful two-roundabout solution that provide roadway and intersection capacity/safety to the new commercial site. They maintain existing businesses (with no impacts) and accommodate future STH 83 widening plans for WIDOT. The two- roundabout solution includes a compact 125’ multi-lane roundabout at STH 18 and Blackwood Dr. (opened in 2006) to serve the new development, with a design for the future planned roundabout to replace the existing signal at STH 83/STH 18 (opened in 2015). Both roundabouts included OSOW analysis and design recommendations for horizontal and vertical design accommodations for the long wide-load corridor needs.


  • OSOW accommodations
  • Maintained business access
  • Closely spaced roundabouts

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