SR 161 & Riverside Dr.

Dublin, OH

MTJ Roundabout Engineering was retained by the City of Dublin OH to complete an in-service design review and working with City staff develop recommendations to improve the poor safety record of the newly opened roundabout located at the intersection of SR161 and Riverside Drive in Dublin OH.

MTJ’s review identified potential geometric and information processing challenges that drivers were facing at this high-flow roundabout. Our review included operational analysis, geometric and signing and pavement marking review. We identified low cost recommendations aimed at mitigating the high number of PDO’s including:

  • Improving  lane balance over all three NB entry lanes
  • Simplifying decision making, and reducing conflict points
  • Shorter NB entry crossing distance
  • Reduction of conflict points.
  • Pavement marking modifications to improve entry and view angles
  • Signing modifications aimed at improving driver messaging


  • Recommended pavement marking modifications improved view angles
  • Recommended signing modifications simplified driver messaging and reduced driver confusion


  • Reduced conflict points
  • Simplified driver decision-making
  • Maintained LOS

Results pending.

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