SR 82 & Chamberlain Rd.

Akron, OH


MTJ provided a peer review for this challenging high-speed rural application roundabout. The peer review involved review of initial concept designs by others, followed by development of corrective and optimized geometrics that reduced impacts, improved safety, and access to adjacent parcels.


The peer review resulted in the development of alternative optimized concept redesigns that included both non-circular and circular roundabout options.

Based upon project team review of our initial review summary, the non-circular 138’ x 125’ ICD design was selected and MTJ refined the concept design into 95% horizontal geometric design recommendations for incorporation into final plans by the prime firm.

The resulting 95% horizontal geometric design recommendations are predicated on application of traffic/highway engineering and modern roundabout design principles and criteria working together to optimize safety for this application.

Key Project Outcomes:

  • Address Driver Expectancy for high speed context
  • Minimize adverse impacts
  • Accommodate Large Trucks/ Freight & OSOW


  • Multimodal safety priority
  • Highly constrained
  • Minimized adverse impacts
  • Large trucks/freight/OSOW accommodations
  • Addressed driver expectancy for high- speed context

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