SR 619 & McCallum Ave.

Stark County, OH


MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided the peer review analysis, horizontal optimized redesign, and signing and marking recommendations for this roundabout project in Stark County, OH, working as technical area expert to the Ohio DOT (as a subcontractor to AECOM).


To address the skewed intersection and to minimize ROW impacts, we implemented a non-circular 147’ x 127’ ICD. The size, shape and placement was determined after exploring multiple placements and sizes that addressed the skewed alignment, but each of these resulted in greater ROW impacts.

Therefore, through iteration we arrived at this recommended horizontal geometrics to meet project objectives as well as roadway and roundabout safety principles and criteria.

MTJ’s redesign also included appropriate transitions to tie into existing roadways and addressed access needs of adjacent property uses (commercial and residential).


  • Addressed rural high-speed approach context
  • Improved driver guidance
  • Accommodated large trucks/freight vehicles
  • Addressed skewed intersection
  • Minimized ROW impacts to surrounding properties

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