SR 57 & Seville Rd.

Wadsworth, OH


MTJ was retained to provide a develop optimized concept through final horizontal geometrics for this challenging, constrained and skewed intersection. The MTJ design ensures optimal safety for all modes and successful project implementation.


MTJ provided Rodel analysis and sensitivity testing to meet long-range operational objectives. The final laneage/design reduced the number of conflict points – improving safety and feasibility for this site.

Working with the project team the final MTJ design ensured adherence to foundational safety design principles for safety, while maintaining acceptable impacts with respect to ROW, grades and impacts on surrounding land uses.

MTJ design recommendations include:

  • Appropriate initial horizontal curvature for the given design speed in this case, posted = 50 mph.
  • Longer splitter islands to provide early indication – via channelization – of the changing condition ahead based on approach speeds and/or sufficiently long enough to include the initial horizontal curve.
  • Placement of the roundabout so that the central island is in line of sight on approach to maximize visibility and provide a terminal vista for approaching drivers.


  • Addressed driver expectancy for high-speed context
  • Landscaping of central island and splitter islands to provide visual conspicuity
  • Large truck/freight/OSOW accommodations
  • Minimized impacts to ROW and adjacent land uses
  • Slightly skewed intersection

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