SR 161 & Cosgray Rd.

Dublin, OH


The City of Dublin needed design improvements to optimize safety for all modes, accommodate large trucks, and meet long-range operational requirements for the intersection, while minimizing adverse impacts to the existing and proposed adjacent properties.


MTJ Roundabout Engineering, working with GPD Group, provided the roundabout traffic analysis, horizontal design, and comprehensive design oversight for this project.

MTJ developed interim and ultimate laneage and geometric design that allow for reduced conflict points and improved speed control, aimed at maximizing driver comprehension and safety for all modes for the life of the project.


  • Minimizes impacts & land acquisition costs
  • Highly constrained context
  • Pedestrian safety facilitation
  • Accommodates large trucks
  • Minimizes impacts to proposed commercial development
  • Primary access to Costco
  • Meets long-range traffic demand
  • 165’ ICD

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