Award Winner

ASCE Sacramento
“Transportation Project of the Year”

Shasta View Dr. & Old Alturas Rd.

Redding, CA


The development of a new elementary school resulted in the need for a new road connection on a two-lane city arterial in Redding, California. A feasibility analysis determined that a modern roundabout would provide better traffic operations than a signal, and handle the extreme traffic volume variation associated with a school better than a signal. Based on this analysis, the City of Redding selected this new intersection for its first modern roundabout.


Acting as a sub-consultant to Omni-Means, MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided the operational analysis, final horizontal design, and QA/QC through final engineering for this intersection.

The roundabout opened as a single-lane design, but easily converts to a dual-lane entry from two legs if and when traffic volumes warrant capacity expansion.


  • New elementary school safety priority
  • Accommodates traffic volume variation
  • City’s first modern roundabout
  • Convertible to dual-entry when traffic volumes warrant capacity expansion

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