Award Winner

Clean Air Award 2015

Breathe California


APWA Small Agency Division Project of the Year 2014


ASCE Project of the Year 2013

“Community Improvement Project”


Rocklin Rd. Corridor

Rocklin, CA

MTJ Engineering, in collaboration with partner firm Omni-Means, provided the roundabout analysis peer review, horizontal design optimization, and QA QC of pavement markings and signage for this project.

The Rocklin Road corridor is currently a 5-lane commercial arterial road connecting the city center to Interstate 80 with many of the typical problems associated with commercial corridors, such as:

  • Offset intersections
  • Multiple commercial and residential driveway access points
  • A variety of access restrictions
  • Difficult crossings for pedestrians (four lanes plus a turn lane)
  • Limited expansion opportunities due to existing land use and/or available right-of-way
  • Undesirable level-of-service issues
  • A need to improve these issues while unifying this primary entrance to the city

Micro-simulation models with combinations of both traffic signals and roundabouts were developed to determine if mixing both roundabout and standard signalized intersections would produce efficient operations, be cost-effective, and meet the circulation needs of all users (auto, transit, bike, and pedestrian). Roundabouts at all the intersections were shown to be the best alternative to meet the project objectives.


  • Complete Streets/Multi-modal
  • Compact urban designs
  • Roundabout corridor
  • Series of six roundabouts

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