River Rd. & Roberts Rd.

Lake County, IL


MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided the roundabout operational analysis, traffic analysis, horizontal geometrics, and signing and pavement markings for Phase I (IDS) and Phase II of this challenging and constrained intersection in this developing area of Lake County, IL.

MTJ Engineering’s design experience played a pivotal role in finding a roundabout design solution that provides exceptional LOS for both the short- and long-range traffic flows projected for this intersection, with ease of capacity expansion in the future.

In addition to addressing the long-term capacity needs, the design also accommodates access for the adjacent residential area, and balances impacts with sensitive environmental areas located in the vicinity, including Lake County Forest Preserve Land.


  • Designed for ease of future expansion (no curb changes)
  • Balanced impact with constraint of sensitive environment nearby
  • Accommodates access for adjacent residential area
  • High-speed approach
  • IDS data

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