River and Roberts Roads Roundabout

Lake Barrington, IL

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MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided the roundabout and traffic analysis, horizontal design, signing and pavement markings for Phase I (IDS) and Phase II for this challenging and constrained intersection in this developing village of Lake Barrington in Lake County, IL.

MTJ Engineeringā€™s design experience played a pivotal role in finding a roundabout design solution that provides exceptional Level of ServiceĀ for both the short – and long-range traffic flows projected for this intersection, with ease of capacity expansion.

In addition to addressing the long-term capacity needs, the design also accommodates access for the adjacent residential area, and balances impacts with sensitive environmental areas located in the vicinity, including Lake County Forest Preserve Land. The roundabout opened ahead of schedule in Fall 2015.


  • Designed for ease of future expansion (no curb changes)
  • Balanced impact with constraint of sensitive environment nearby
  • Accommodates access for adjacent residential area
  • High-speed approach
  • IDS data


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