Raintree Dr. Extension / Corridor

Scottsdale, AZ


The City of Flagstaff retained MTJ provide analysis, corridor planning, and final horizontal design for this series of five roundabouts in the City of Scottsdale, AZ.


The operational analysis of this commercial arterial road provided a comprehensive evaluation of all the roundabouts and the associated laneage requirements necessary to meet operational objectives, as well as an evaluation of the associated cross-sections between them to ensure a comprehensive approach to the corridor.

Key design issues included:

  • Provisions and design treatments to meet the City’s Complete Streets objectives
  • Optimizing pedestrian safety and facilitation
  • Improving business access opportunities
  • Maintaining lane continuity with 5-lane and 3-lane roadway cross-sections
  • Minimizing parking and business circulation impacts in a constrained urban context
  • Meeting long-range operational objectives


  • Roundabout corridor planning
  • Business direct access management
  • Constrained urban context
  • Pedestrian safety and facilitation

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