Radio Dr. & Bailey Rd. (CH 18)

Washington County, MN


MTJ was retained to provide operational analysis and concept designs for this rural, transitional speed roundabout application.

MTJ’s Review/Design Optimization Process includes:

  1. Traffic Planning, Operational Analysis, Context Evaluation
  2. Alternative Concept Development
  3. Preliminary & Final Horizontal Design


MTJ conducted a traffic planning level review of the existing context and system of intersections along Radio Drive.

MTJ then developed a “right-sized” roundabout that accounts for design vehicles and avoids unnecessary realignments that do not add safety or operational value.

This resulted in a context-appropriate design that minimized adverse impacts (ROW, environmental) and maximized community benefits while adhering to all roadway and roundabout-specific safety design principles.

MTJ also developed interim/ultimate designs that would allow for ease of conversion so as to avoid expensive reconstruction when capacity expansion may be necessary.


  • Rural, transitional speed roundabout design
  • Interim 2-lane/ultimate 3-lane designs
  • Large freight/truck accommodation

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