Ponto Dr. & Avenida Encinas

Carlsbad, CA


As requested by the City of Carlsbad, MTJ provided a peer review of existing proposed roundabout design and developed optimized horizontal redesign recommendations. The MTJ redesign addressed contextual issues, to include appropriate transitions to the existing Avenida Encinas cross sections.


MTJ’s geometric peer review and optimized redesign addressed these issues:

  • Insufficient speed control criteria, aka Fast Path Analysis/Deflection
  • Excessively wide circulating widths at the quadrant locations
  • Design transitions to tie into existing cross section to the north as it relates to the existing left turn lane, and associated cross section markings for both vehicular and bike lanes
  • Lane continuity/transition issues for the south leg tie-in and transition to the existing signalized intersection to the south at Carlsbad Blvd. to maintain correct operations
  • The MTJ recommended 107′ ICD optimized geometric design addressed all the defined deficiencies within available constraints


  • 107′ ICD optimized geometric design
  • Lane continuity transitions
  • Addresses existing cross sections
  • Avoids adverse ROW impacts
  • Ped/bike safety facilitation
  • Large truck/freight accommodations

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