Pleasant Hill Rd. & Olympic Blvd.

Lafayette, CA

Installation of the City’s first roundabout at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Olympic Boulevard eliminated traffic congestion at the intersection, while improving pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility.

Mark Johnson, working on the prime consultant firm Omni-Means, provided capacity analysis and final horizontal design, signing, marking, and ped bike facilitation design for this roundabout.  Design alternatives development and communication with the City’s Ped/Bike Commission addressed pedestrian and bicycle mobility and safety. Consensus was attained through design alternative developments and explanation and discussion about relative benefits of various design treatments.

The City of Lafayette has a page about the Olympic Blvd. corridor improvements here.


  • Balancing vehicular level of service with pedestrian and bicycle mobility and safety
  • Circulation and connectivity with existing non-motorized trails and on-street bike lanes
  • Inclusion of cycle track design features


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