Bogard Rd. & Engstrom Rd.

Palmer, AK


MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided an initial planning level review and recommended sketch level concept development for the proposed roundabout application at Bogard & Engstrom Rds.


Upon completion of the review, MTJ developed two sketch level concept alternatives. Key to the designs was addressing the higher speed context in order to optimize safety and operations.

MTJ’s designs were predicated on application of traffic/highway engineering and roundabout-specific design principles and criteria working together to optimize safety for this application.

Key project outcomes include:

  • Address driver expectancy for high-speed, transitional context
  • Minimize adverse impacts to ROW constraints
  • Accommodate large trucks/freight


  • Rural, ex-urban style context
  • Higher speed, transitional application
  • Design recommendations to address driver expectancy
  • Access control considerations for side streets
  • Full movement ability for the fire station

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