NW 10th St. & N. Virginia Ave. / NW 10th St. & N. Pennsylvania Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK


MTJ (as part of the Lee Engineering team) evaluated the feasibility of two roundabout applications at these highly constrained sites.


MTJ Roundabout Engineering developed multiple geometric designs for evaluation of feasibility.

Each design achieves operational, accessibility and safety objectives for all modes – vehicular, pedestrian, and cyclists.

Design highlights:

  • Horizontal designs that minimized adverse impacts to surrounding context
  • Designs highlighting safety for all modes
  • Sensitivity analysis to reflect accommodation of future traffic growth
  • Business access and circulation facilitation


  • Highly constrained context
  • Multimodal safety priority
  • Minimization of adverse impacts
  • Double-roundabout alternatives
  • Business access and circulation facilitation
  • Interim/ultimate designs

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