N. City Dr. & June Way

San Marcos, CA


As requested, MTJ provided a peer review of the proposed multi-lane turbo roundabout located at North City Dr. & June Way in San Marcos, CA. The MTJ peer review included operational analysis, traffic planning and geometric review and redesign services.


The MTJ horizontal redesign provides improved driver comprehension and safety performance, with the following key design changes and attributes:

  • Reduction of conflict points
  • Simplification of decision-making
  • Avoids unnecessary laneage, providing a simplified and safer single-lane design with yield right-turn lanes with auxiliary raised splitter islands to maximize pedestrian safety
  • Ensures system lane continuity and optimal performance
  • Provides recommendations to avoid confusing and unnecessary signing
  • Maximizes safety for all modes
  • Accommodates design vehicle movements


  • Accommodates design year traffic
  • Compact urban design features
  • Complete Streets compliant
  • Capacity achieved with yield right-turn lanes with raised auxiliary splitter islands
  • Optimized ped/bike accommodations and safety

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