Morse Rd. & US Hwy. 62

Franklin County, OH

This roundabout was experiencing excessive PDOs, and MTJ was contracted by Franklin County to conduct an In-Service Design Review to develop low-cost mitigations to reduce crashes.

MTJ’s review identified potential geometric and information processing challenges that drivers were facing at this roundabout. Areas were identified where drivers may become overloaded by driving demands or receiving conflicting information, which could result in drivers conducting important driving tasks in an improper fashion.

MTJ recommendations included:

    • Geometric modifications to reduce conflict points with fewer entry/circulating lane geometrics that matched capacity requirements to current traffic demand
    • Improvements to pavement markings/signing and pedestrian signals that included modifications to assist with clarifying driver expectancy and therefore improve driver comprehension and information processing
    • Improvements to the speed environment/context aimed at influencing driver behavior


  • Converted to single-lane roundabout, changing 2nd lane of 2-lane entry to a Yield RT lane
  • Improved driver comprehension through signing and marking modifications
  • Rodel analysis identified lane reduction opportunities to decrease number of conflict points

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