Moraine Ave. & Crags Dr.

Estes Park, CO


MTJ was retained by the Town of Estes Park to provide a peer review and develop optimized concept through final horizontal geometrics for this challenging, constrained and skewed intersection. The MTJ corrective design ensures optimal safety for all modes and community acceptance once constructed.


MTJ provided Rodel analysis and sensitivity testing to meet long range operational objectives. The final laneage/design reduced the number of conflict points – improving safety and feasibility for this site.

Working with the project team (Town, FHWA, and Prime Firm) the final MTJ corrective re-design ensured adherence to foundational safety design principles for safety, while maintaining acceptable impacts with respect to ROW, grades and impacts on surrounding land uses.

The MTJ design process started with development of alternative sketches, then concept designs allowing for evaluation and determination of the final horizontal geometric design.


  • Reduced number of conflict points
  • Maintained acceptable impacts to ROW and surrounding land uses
  • Optimized safety for all modes
  • Skewed, constrained context

“It’s true – the devil is in the details. We have learned the critical importance of using a true subject-matter expert when it comes to delivering optimally operating roundabout intersection control. Going to a class, owning the software, and even designing many roundabouts are not equivalent to decades of studying the sensitive, operational fine points that separate average from optimally performing roundabouts.

“Mark Johnson is a unique specialist with an eye for finding the subtle design nuances that can make or break roundabout performance. Whether it is in the role of original designer or peer-reviewer, we trust Mark and his team to bring the knowledge, experience, and input necessary to assure our roundabouts are delivered at the highest level.”

—Gregory P. Muhonen, PE
Public Works Director
Town of Estes Park, CO

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