Market St. & Canton Rd.

Akron, OH


A safety study identified a roundabout as the preferred intersection type for the Canton Rd./Market St./Robindale Ave. intersection. MTJ was retained to evaluate and develop a preliminary and final roundabout design for this highly constrained and skewed intersection to ensure optimal safety for all modes. MTJ’s design would ensure its feasibility, optimal operations, and acceptance once constructed.


MTJ provided Rodel analysis and sensitivity testing to meet long range operational objectives. The final laneage/design substantially reduced the number of conflict points, improving safety and feasibility for this site. MTJ developed multiple roundabout design alternatives. These designs enabled an evaluation of best fit with respect to impact on residential and commercial right-of-way and their driveway access.

The alternative designs were developed to a high level, ensuring confidence in selection of the preferred design, and avoiding unexpected costs during final design implementation.

MTJ’s compact hybrid roundabout design facilitates a road diet application of the existing 4-lane arterial, while addressing transit, pedestrian/bicycle, nearby business and residential access needs.


  • Rodel operational analysis to determine necessary laneage
  • Enhanced safety through reduced laneage and conflict points
  • Optimized horizontal geometrics
  • Improved residential and commercial right-of-way
  • Addressed transit, pedestrian/bicycle, nearby business and residential access
  • Optimized driver guidance

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