Mar Vista Dr. & Soledad Dr.

Monterey, CA


MTJ developed an optimized mini-roundabout re-design for the residential arterial intersection of Mar Vista & Soledad Dr. located in the City of Monterey, CA.


The MTJ redesign has been optimized to address our review findings and provide best fit and optimal safety (for all modes), accommodated design truck movements, and specific design features to address the unique context of this application.

The MTJ optimized redesigned mini-roundabout addresses the following key issues associated with alignment curvature, vehicle speeds and associated driver expectancy and pedestrian safety, including:

  • Modified the approach alignment for a more appropriate curve radii
  • Extended the west leg splitter island to incorporate channelization principles to address driver expectancy and to assist with inducing slower vehicular speeds
  • Provided a depressed area with mountable curb to allow access to the adjacent residential drive.

Additionally, the redesign:

  • Meets FHWA speed control criteria for all movements, and specifically reduces the predominant EB to SB RT movement with modified alignment, and tighter geometrics
  • Maintains acceptable impacts to the same or similar level to that of the original design
  • Provides additional pedestrian circulation within same footprint of original design/existing roadway
  • Utilized Cal Legal 65 Design vehicle for all movements (mini-roundabout fully mountable center island is key)


  • Mini-roundabout with an ICD = 82’
  • Maintained acceptable impacts to ROW
  • and surrounding land uses
  • Mountable splitter-island for residential access

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