La Quinta Village Corridor

La Quinta, CA


The Village of La Quinta launched a Complete Streets project that included a series of 5 roundabouts.


Working with partner firm Omni-Means/GHD, MTJ provided roundabout horizontal design optimization/ peer review support that included:

  • Rodel operational analysis
  • Developing final horizontal designs
  • Documentation of designs and modifications
  • Application of appropriate traffic and roadway design principles (system considerations)

MTJ’s design optimization/peer review approach ensured:

  • Adherence to roadway and roundabout design safety principles
  • State-of-the-practice roundabout design techniques
  • Safety: Ensure safety for all modes – pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicles
  • Application of best practices to conform to NCHRP Report 834, Crossing Solutions at Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes, and PROWAG, Public Rights- of-Way Accessibility Guidelines.


  • Highly constrained urban context
  • Complete Streets/multi-modal
  • Avoids adverse ROW impacts
  • Series of 5 roundabouts
  • Ensures business access/circulation
  • Maximizes ped/bike comfort/safety
  • Minimizes roadway construction/costs
  • Large truck/emergency response vehicle accommodation


“Reshaping La Quinta Village for Equitable Transportation Through Road Diet, APWA, 2021
Download PDF | Read Online (page 4)La Quinta Road Diets Enhance Transportation Equity: APWA, 2021

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