67 St. & Johnstone Dr.

Red Deer, AB, Canada


As requested by the City of Red Deer, MTJ Roundabout Engineering conducted Rodel operational analysis and provided peer review/re-design recommendations aimed at optimizing safety.


MTJ conducted a Rodel capacity analysis to provide entry and circulating lane alternative recommendations to meet operational requirements with a simplified and safer layout that reduces conflict points.

The recommended redesign allowed for reduced laneage at entry and circulating to simplify driver comprehension, improve positive driver guidance, and optimize safety.

MTJ provided peer review recommendations that addressed several issues:

  • Phi and view angles to the left
  • Conflictpoints
  • Intersection angle
  • Safety – allowing for landscaping and/or other screening design features within splitter islands


  • Rodel operational analysis to determine necessary laneage
  • Reduced laneage and conflict points
  • Improved horizontal geometrics
  • Adherence to design principles/criteria
  • Improved driver guidance via signing and marking recommendations

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