Johnsburg Rd. & North Chapel Hill Rd.

Johnsburg, McHenry County, IL

“The work is now complete and the results are magnificent! The new Johnsburg roundabout has become very well known throughout McHenry County. Traffic flow at the intersection of Chapel Hill and Johnsburg Road has improved immensely and the streetscape enhancements installed, thanks to a grant obtained by the Village, has truly changed the complexion of our downtown.”
– Johnsburg Village President Ed Hettermann

MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided the roundabout capacity analysis and final horizontal design for this highly constrained urban intersection alternatives analysis project, which contained the roundabout component of the roadway reconstruction project in McHenry County, IL. This project was part of a multi-million dollar reconstruct, and included geometric design optimizations as well as pavement marking and signing reviews.

This intersection is located in an existing downtown mixed commercial area, so pedestrian safety and business access were key design considerations. Additional design challenges that were overcome include provisions for large trucks and addressing the skewed approach considerations that were necessary for design vehicle/freight movements, public acceptance, and speed control optimization.

See the large vehicle demonstration photos.

Here is the village newsletter with the President’s comment about the roundabout.


  • Highly constrained context
  • Design vehicle/freight accommodations
  • Intersection alternatives analysis
  • Pedestrian safety


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