Award Winner

Tulare County Association of Government’s (TCAG) Annual Local Motion Award 2014

Jaye St. & Montgomery Ave.

Porterville, CA

The city of Porterville was experiencing traffic problems near the intersection of Jaye Street and Highway 190. Left-turn egress movements from a corner store and highway frontage road were prohibited due to intersection spacing, and vehicle stacking at the signal (including semi-trucks from a nearby distribution center) added to the problem.

Drivers ignored the signs prohibiting left-turn movements, which were intended to improve safety and operations, and made illegal movements to reach their desired business service locations. This resulted in increased police enforcement, which led to complaints from local business owners and motorists who regularly travel the adjacent street system.

Working with the city, the MTJ/Omni-Means team determined a roundabout solution would increase traffic flow efficiency, improve safety and facilitate business access.

Notable design features of this roundabout include accommodation of STAA design vehicles, utilization of single- and dual-lane entries to balance capacity, and ROW impacts.

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