Award Winner

TAMC 2017 Transportation Excellence Award


American Council of Engineering Consultants (ACEC) Honor Award


American Public Works Association (APWA) 2018 Central Coast Award of Merit


League of California Cities 2018 Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Award in Safety or ITS


California Association of Public Information Officers (CAPIO) 2018 Epic Award in Marketing Plans/Campaigns


California Transportation Foundation (CTF) 2018 Conventional State Highway Project Award of Merit


Engineering News Record (ENR) Northern California 2018 Best Highway Project Award of Merit


Caltrans Excellence in Transportation 2018 Transportation Systems Operations Improvements Project of the Year

Holman Hwy. 68 / Highway 1

Monterey, CA

Here is the opening ceremony for the completed roundabout. Video archives of the construction can be seen here.

Holman Highway Roundabout


MTJ provided the roundabout operational analysis, final horizontal design, and design oversight of pavement markings (including field layout assistance) and signage for this project as a member of the consulting team led by Omni-Means. The roundabouts serve as primary access to Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Monterey, and the Community Hospital (CHOMP).


The City of Monterey led this project and several alternative designs were studied, including traditional widening with signalization and the roundabouts. The alternatives analysis component of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) found that the roundabout alleviates the traffic congestion, allowing for increased economic development within Pebble Beach and is environmentally superior to the signalized intersection due to its smaller footprint which reduced biological impacts and disturbance. Opened in the fall of 2017.

The importance of this roundabout to the community can be seen in the groundbreaking ceremony here. For background on the project, see the Transportation Agency for Monterey County’s page and the City of Monterey’s page.  The project was named one of the best uses for government funds by Monterey County Now.


  • Hwy. 1 on/off-ramp serves as gateway to the greater Monterey Peninsula, including Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Monterey
  • Maintains two-lane roadway through environmentally sensitive areas, minimizing impacts, and preserving existing bridge and roadway infrastructure
  • Significant cost savings as compared to traditional signal widening
  • Substantial reduction of congestion


Community Hospital from Hwy 1S via Holman Hwy 68 Roundabout

Pebble Beach from Hwy 1S via Holman Hwy 68 Roundabout

Hwy 1S via Holman Hwy 68 Roundabout


Videos courtesy of the City of Monterey, CA, Omni Means. Project logo courtesy City of Monterey, CA.

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