Hillsborough St. Corridor

Raleigh, NC


The Hillsborough Street Improvement Program was created to improve a two-mile corridor in this University district in Raleigh, NC. The goal was to revitalize the area by adding roundabouts, enhancing pedestrian and vehicle safety, and creating a more vibrant business district.


As a subconsultant to Kimley-Horn, MTJ’s corrective designs optimized safety for all modes, minimized potential impacts to adjacent properties, and minimized impacts on business circulation and parking.

The MTJ redesigns shifted all three ICDs east. The corrections removed the skew in the design of several roundabouts, which improved pedestrian safety, accommodated truck movements more effectively, and improved speed control.


  • Minimized impacts to adjacent land uses
  • Improved pedestrian safety
  • Maintained business access/circulation
  • Large truck/freight accommodations
  • Highly constrained context

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