Hamilton Rd. & Parc Dr.

Gahanna, OH


MTJ was retained to provide operational analysis, horizontal design, and signing and marking recommendations for
this roundabout project in Gahanna, Ohio, located next to Northeast School.

MTJ’s Review/Design Optimization Process includes:

  1. Traffic Planning and Operational Analysis
  2. Alternative Concept Development
  3. Preliminary/Final Design


MTJ conducted a traffic planning level review of the system of the existing context and intersections along Hamilton Road.

MTJ then developed a “right-sized” roundabout that accounts for design vehicles and avoids unnecessary realignments that do not add safety or operational value.

This resulted in a context-appropriate design that minimized adverse impacts (ROW, environmental) and maximized community benefits while adhering to all roadway and roundabout-specific safety design principles. Geometric elements were designed to achieve accessibility objectives, while maintaining essential design elements that promote safety for all modes – vehicular and pedestrian.


  • Accommodates pedestrian safety for nearby school
  • Bus/transit vehicle accommodations
  • Constrained context
  • Maintained residential access

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