Norton Rd. & Kropp Rd. / Grove City Rd.

Franklin County, OH


MTJ provided a concept horizontal design and planning level construction estimate for this roundabout application.


MTJ’s highly developed concept design optimizes safety for this rural high-speed context and provides accommodations for large trucks/freight vehicles.

MTJ developed a context-appropriate design that minimized adverse impacts (ROW, environmental) and maximized community benefits while adhering to all roadway and roundabout-specific safety design principles. Geometric elements were designed to achieve accessibility objectives, while maintaining essential design elements that promote safety for all modes.

MTJ’s resulting horizontal geometric design was predicated on application of traffic/highway engineering and roundabout-specific design principles and criteria working together to optimize safety for this application.

Key project outcomes include:

  • Address driver expectancy for high-speed context
  • Minimize adverse impacts
  • Accommodate large trucks/freight & OSOW


  • High-speed context
  • Large truck/freight/OSOW vehicle accommodations
  • Addressed driver expectancy for transitional context
  • Longer splitter islands to provide early indication – via channelization – of the changing condition ahead

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