Elmwood Ave. & Hermosa St.

Lindsay, CA

As part of a downtown revitalization project, the city of Lindsay installed a roundabout at a main access point to the city’s downtown core. The MTJ “urban compact” roundabout fits within an 80-foot existing right-of-way, avoiding any impacts to existing business and allows for safe and attractive business access, and on-street parking – all issues commonly associated with urban downtown areas.

The roundabout’s size accommodates semi-tractor trailers for all movements, including those to and from driveways at a gas station located on one of the corners.

The roundabout’s design illustrates the effectiveness of a compact design in a downtown setting and provides an excellent solution to the competing objectives of traffic flow, pedestrian friendliness, and business access and parking, while also providing a visually appealing central island.

MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided the roundabout traffic analysis, horizontal design and comprehensive design oversight of pavement markings and signage for this project as a member of the Omni-Means consulting team.


  • Constrained intersection/compact design
  • Downtown revitalization
  • Pedestrian friendly
  • Maintained business access/circulation/parking

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