Grand Avenue Corridor

Eagle, CO


The Town of Eagle sought to develop a transformational corridor plan to improve mobility, establish a sense of place, and create interconnectivity for the downtown commercial core. Roundabouts were selected for their ability to achieve these goals and accommodate the necessary through-traffic along the Grand Avenue corridor.

Roundabouts in series and corridors require analyzing and designing the roundabouts as a system, not just individual roundabouts, to ensure correct lane assignments, efficient operations, and optimal safety facilitation.


To achieve the Town’s goals that included maximizing community benefits and minimizing adverse impacts, the project team relied on MTJ’s extensive experience designing roundabouts in series within existing complex corridors.

MTJ’s concept designs were developed to a high level to ensure sound decision- making with respect to feasibility related to operations, adherence to safety design principles, and understanding costs and impacts. Each roundabout’s compact size and shape were developed to maximize available design envelope, minimize adverse impacts to railroad ROW, environmental (Eagle River), and maintain viability of adjacent businesses.

Our performance-based design approach integrated 6 roundabout designs – 2 existing and 4 new – with alternative corridor cross-section assessment, resulting in a preferred multimodal Complete Streets design alternatives focused on pedestrian safety design principles.


  • Roundabout analysis and design for series of 6 roundabouts – 2 existing, 4 new
  • Integration of alternative corridor cross-section assessment with roundabout analysis and design
  • Achieved community benefits while minimizing adverse impacts within a highly constrained context
  • Multimodal, Complete Streets – ped/bike comfort and safety facilitation, transit accommodation

Town of Eagle – Grand Avenue Corridor Plan (JPG)

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