Cty M & Brookfield Rd.

Brookfield, WI

“If the number of complaints is anything to go by (none so far) I’d say it’s going very well. Also we have had a number compliments. So, so far so good! Certainly seems to clear traffic well at peak hours. The Brookfield community is well pleased, as are our county reps.”
Gary Evans
Manager, Waukesha County Highway Engineering

This existing congested all-way stop in the City of Brookfield at the intersection of County Highway M and Brookfield Road was experiencing significant vehicular delay and was not pedestrian-friendly. Key to the roundabout feasibility (vs. a signalized alternative) was MTJ/OSC’s expert design to address the significant horizontal and vertical constraints present at the intersection.

MTJ’s Mark Johnson, as a sub-consultant to One Source Consulting (OSC), provided the roundabout traffic analysis, horizontal design, and comprehensive design review oversight for the feasibility component and final roundabout design.


  • Pedestrian and bicycle facilitation
  • Compact design
  • Highly constrained context
  • Large truck accommodations

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