Coffman Rd. & Brand Rd.

Dublin, OH

MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided  roundabout capacity analysis, design alternative development, and final horizontal design for this intersection for the City of Dublin, as a subconsultant to GPD Group.

Some of the main requirements of the project included high approach speeds, ROW constraints, and large truck considerations.

MTJ prepared two design alternatives, each with differing impacts. Both alternatives were designed to achieve the necessary capacity and LOS for the proposed roundabout, while adhering to foundational safety principles.

The 125′ ICD alternative was selected and includes an EB auxiliary RT lane that is separated from the through lane with a median island to maintain fewer impacts, allowing for the smaller size and reduced impacts.


  • High-speed/transitional speed application
  • Accommodates large trucks/freight
  • Compact design for optimal size
  • Pedestrian facilitation


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