Central Ave. & Monte Sano Ave.

Augusta, GA


In this historic district of Augusta, the proposed roundabout replaces an existing congested signalized intersection in the older urban commercial section of Augusta called ‘Midtown,’ which consists of an historic residential area, retail shops, and restaurants.


MTJ’s design optimization successfully addressed these challenges:

  • Constrained urban context
  • Preserving historic structures, existing parking and business access
  • Provides gateway and transition of residential to commercial areas
  • Pedestrian/bicycle facilitation
  • Freight and large truck accommodations


  • Context:
    ▪ Constrained urban setting
  • Objectives:
    ▪ Pedestrian safety and circulation, incorporation of transit stops
    ▪ Minimized impacts to historic structures
    ▪ Maximized business access, on-street parking, and circulation
  • Provided:
    ▪ Design optimization
    ▪ Public outreach
    ▪ Consensus building

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