Carlsbad Blvd. & Tamarack Ave.

Carlsbad, CA


The City of Carlsbad needed a solution to improve safety, access and traffic flow in the area around Carlsbad Blvd. and Tamarack Ave., which experiences substantial traffic during peak tourist seasons in winter and summer.

Carlsbad Blvd. is a 4-5 lane roadway and it was determined that a solution focused on a road diet would improve safety and operations for all modes and transit. Key to this road diet for vehicular operations is utilization of roundabouts at the intersections along this corridor.


MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided roundabout application services to determine feasibility. This included operational analysis and concept horizontal and vertical design for this highly constrained and challenging intersection.

The MTJ non-circular roundabout was designed to fit the topography and minimized impacts to surrounding properties. Our design provides safety for all modes by adhering to the Complete Streets design principles. Additionally, the MTJ design includes innovative features such as a yield right-turn lane and flared entry approach.


  • Highly constrainedAccommodates peak tourist traffic
  • Complete Streets compliant
  • Capacity achieved with flared entry and yield right-turn lane
  • Ped/bike accommodations provided

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