Award Winner

CSE San Francisco Chapter Awards — WON the 2020 Outstanding Roadway Highway Project “Project of the Year”

California Blvd & 1st St. / 2nd St.

Napa, CA


MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided roundabout capacity analysis, horizontal design optimization, signing and pavement marking recommendations, and visualizations for this project, as a member of the consulting team led by Omni-Means.

MTJ’s Review/Design Optimization Process includes:

  1. Traffic Planning, Operational Analysis, Context Evaluation
  2. Alternative Concept Development
  3. Preliminary & Final Horizontal Design


  • This design optimization process resulted in a context-appropriate series of 3 roundabout designs that minimized impacts and maximized benefits while adhering to roadway and roundabout-specific safety design principles.
  • This unique application includes differing lane assignments necessary for each entry and addresses system-wide lane continuity.
  • Safety and accessibility objectives were achieved via geometrics that promote slow vehicular speeds and safety for all modes.
  • The designs provided a unique, innovative solution that accommodated multi-modal objectives to achieve Complete Streets goals.


  • Pedestrian and bicycle connectivity safety
  • Gateway to historic downtown Napa
  • Business access and circulation
  • ICDs: 144′ x 120′, 147′, 120′

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