Brighton Ave. / Deering Ave. / Falmouth St.

Portland, ME

MTJ Roundabout Engineering provided the optimized geometrics and design recommendations for these two intersections. The safety of all users was a high priority for this project, situated in a mixed-use area – including the University of Southern Maine campus, residential, and freight traffic.

The recommended design was in compliance with the City’s Complete Streets policy, considering and balancing the needs of all users, with an emphasis on pedestrian safety. MTJ’s design included removing one street segment to improve safety and operations for all modes, which improved pedestrian connectivity in this high bicycle/pedestrian/transit route.

The original plan showed significant impacts to three parcels. MTJ’s concept realignment substantially minimized these impacts and successfully achieved project objectives in this urban, constrained context.


  • Transit priority corridor
  • Achieved multi-modal objectives/Complete Streets
  • Minimized property impacts
  • Improved traffic operations
  • Freight accommodations

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