Baker St. & 1st St.

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

MTJ Roundabout Engineering was responsible for the analysis and design for this highly constrained intersection in front of the city’s courthouse. After investigation, several issues needed to be addressed in the design, including:

  • Approach skew of 1st Street North
  • Wisconsin River boundary
  • Minimizing impacts to Wood County courthouse and parking lot
  • Maintaining on street parking
  • Accommodating large truck movements

MTJ prepared several design alternatives, each with differing impacts. The designs considered included two three-legged, or one four-legged roundabout. The final recommended design showed a four-legged project met speed control criteria while minimizing impacts on the court house property. It opened in 2014.


  • ROW constraints
  • Pedestrian and bike safety
  • Large truck and freight accommodations

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